Brooks Falls – Brown Bear and Salmon Cam

A friend shared this cam with me after gushing about it being her new evening addiction.  It’s a nature cam that features brown bears fishing for salmon on the Brooks river in the Katmai National Park in Alaska. 

When you arrive on the site the live cam will auto load and as it is doing so you’ll be able to see the current time and temperature at the river in Alaska. Once the cam loads, settle in and watch the bears. 

If you scroll down past the cam (and all the thumbnails for other cams) you’ll find information about the park, the bears, and there’s a little menu on the right side that you can click to see different information like about, key facts, profiles, photos, videos, etc. There is a lot of really cool information to be found there. 

Not much activity going on in the live cam shots? If you look directly below the cam, at Related Media – you’ll find that there is a link to Films. If you click it, it will change the thumbnails beneath the cam to films of the brown bears that you can watch. They range from under a minute to over an hour with a nice variety of different things involving the brown bears that you can watch. 

I’ll admit I’ve gotten just as addicted as the friend who shared the link with me is to watching thing these bears! Go check them out for yourself!!/live-cams/player/brown-bear-salmon-cam-brooks-falls


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