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There are lots of useful resume creation programs available for you to use, and even in comparison to the best UK writing services these programs can give you excellent results. Resumes are the first step in landing a job interview and getting employed, and if the content, the layout and the style are not good enough, yours will quickly be thrown aside. But with a good program like the ones listed below in this Top Programs review, you can stop this from happening and give yourself the best chance of getting employed.

 Free Resume Builder

Description: Free Resume Builder has been used by thousands of people and has helped them with their employment success. It comes with the latest preset resume formats to help you meet the employer’s expectations, and simplifies much of the formatting process. You just enter your information and then use the program to generate a great-looking resume. This software is in-line with all the latest resume trends.

License: No license required.

OS / Requirements: Resumes are provided in the .doc or .pdf formats and can be opened with any application that is compatible with these file types.


JobTabs Free Resume

Description: JobTabs is a great resume maker, but it is also much more than just a resume maker. It is a powerful program which allows you to organize your job search and increase your efficiency. Customize different resumes for each different job application and cut out the repetitive work with a simple and easy to use program with a clean interface and a huge set of control options. A bonus to this program is that it offers word processor capabilities and yet is not dependent on MS Word and you don’t need to have MS Word installed.

License: No License required.

OS / Requirements: JobTabs can be run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.


Career Igniter Resume

Description: Career Igniter is a free resume creator service that makes it extremely easy to build a resume. You only have to follow the step-by-step instructions present on the website, though your contact information, objectives, education, certification, work experience and skills, before a pristine resume is sent to you. Career Igniter also offers a cover letter builder, a job search engine and a career test application. With career test you can understand the most suitable career-path to take.

License: There is no license.

OS / Requirements: Everything is done online. The service works on all major internet browsers.


Resume Make Professional Ultimate

Description: Resume Maker Professional Ultimate is what you should use if you want to ensure the highest levels of quality. It is a fully-featured program with all the design tools you need to create the perfect design, and lots of different resume resources to make the content of your resume as good as possible. There are over 50 award-winning resume samples, professionally-written phrases, import options and export options in a variety of formats including .pdf. Resume Maker Professional Ultimate also comes with job search tools and interview training tools to help you search for new jobs, practice for interviews and much more.

License: Resume Maker Professional Ultimate costs $39.99 for the full license.

OS / Requirements: This program is compatible with Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards. Physical computer requirements are minimal.

 Power Resumes 8

Description: From clean, basic resumes in chronological format to fun and exciting resumes in unique customized formats, Power Resumes 8 is a smart resume builder that offers you many different options and fun ways to stand out from the crowd. It can also be used to create business cards and labels, as well as edit photos and videos. The Contact Manager lets you manage all the information that is important to your job search so you can track your progress from a single convenient location. Good things are the sample resume templates, which are based on the best formats for differing job roles and professions. This program does offer as many formatting tools and editing features as some of the other programs listed, but it still works very well in creating attractive and effective resumes.

License: Power Resumes 8 costs $13.95 for the full license

OS / Requirements: This program requires Windows 2000 or higher. Internet is required when publishing to the web.



It is very easy to create an excellent resume by yourself with these programs. They improve results by guiding you through the resume creation process one step at a time, and make all of those trickier aspects much easier to manage. Some create truly professional results with almost zero effort.

Get the right content and achieve the right effect on your target audience. If you compare the results with essay and resume creation services , you’ll see just how successful these programs are.

~ Emily Lucas


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  1. Successful resumes generate information as they are created. Think about it. Do you ever write a term paper from scratch? Not usually. You use either a template file with all the information and codes already set up (like the standard format for the bibliography section that comes at the end of every term paper), or you reuse the basic information from a previous paper.

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