Shirley from Canton OH writes:

The 4K TV appears to be a large TV what about something for the bedroom that will still be able to use HD programming? I have an old 13″ not able to upgrade to HD. What would you advise? I don’t have any blue ray DVDs. Not sure I want to go that way. I’m still using a VHS and DVD player.

Good news Shirley, if you want a small HDTV for your bedroom, you have plenty of options and they really aren’t all that expensive.  With a little looking around, you should be able to find a decent 19″ to 24″ LCD  HDTV for less than $200 and if you happen to hit a sale, even less. They are widely available in big box stores like Walmart or Target, (I spent $150 for my 22″ LCD ) electronic stores like Best Buy or online at sites like Amazon. Familiar brands like Samsung, Vizio and Sharp should all work fine. These TVs actually cost less than I remember my mom paying for a black & white model in the 1970s.

~ Cynthia