Microsoft Offers $100,000 In Prizes To Game Developers

Windows 8 is supposed to be all about the apps, but the lack of apps in the Windows app store has been an issue for a lot of users. As the owner of a Surface Pro, I’ve been very disappointed at the unavailability of popular games like Words With Friends.  It’s a nifty little computer, but using it as a tablet is challenging because of the shortage of apps.


Especially disappointing for some users is the lack of exciting new games. Microsoft has successfully introduced buzz-generating games for the Xbox, but when’s the last time you heard people talking about their addiction to Windows Phone games?

One way Microsoft hopes to change all that is by offering more than $100,000 dollar in cash and prizes to developers who submit the most impressive game apps for Windows 8 or Windows Phone.

They’re holding the contest in conjunction with the release of Unity 4.2. Unity is a game development platform that is used by more than one million developers to create games for computers, consoles and mobile devices.  The newer version of Unity includes a Windows Store add-on with the free version and users can download the add-on for free with Unity Pro.

There are prizes offered in both the Windows Phone 8 category or Windows Store category. First prize in both categories is $30,000, second prize is $10,000 and even third prize takes home $5,000.

Honorable mentions will also be handed out for:

  • Best New Game Content
  • Best Port of an Existing Game
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best use of native features
  • Best Use of Live Tiles

You can read the complete rules by clicking here.

The content must be original and muse be submitted by 11:59 p.m. UTC on September 30, 2013.

~ Cynthia

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