Can I Buy A Desktop Version Of Outlook?

Carol from Spring Hill, FL writes:

I don’t like the thought of putting anything in the “cloud”. So, is there anyway that I still can get the desktop version of Outlook mail and calendar?

Thank you for your help and great newsletter.

 Carol, you can certainly still purchase Outlook as a download for your computer. It will run you around a hundred dollars.  You could also choose to get a subscription to Office 365 Home Premium for $99 a year or $9.99 a month.

But you’ll find that Outlook is heavily geared towards use of the cloud. And if you are sending or receiving e-mail, it’s already stored in the cloud. You may delete the messages from your mail provider after you download copies to your e-mail client, but those messages are still going to spend time in the cloud.

~ Cynthia


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