Particle Adventure

Welcome to Particle Adventure! This site is devoted to explaining the fundamentals of matter and forces.

Navigation is easy! When you get to the site everything you need is right on the main page. You can pick between these three topics:  The Standard Model, The Large Hadron Collider Explores Unsolved Mysteries, Accelerators and Particle Decelerators. Click the Go button to access the section you want to explore.  Once you’re inside a section you’ll use the left side menu to navigate through it.

The Standard Model – This section delivers the bulk of the information on the site. What is fundamental? Is it the Atom? Is it the Nucleus? What are they looking for? You’ll learn the answer to all these questions and more! And when you’re done you can take the Standard Model Quiz and see how much of it you absorbed. Then still in this section of the site you can explore the answers to the question What is the World Made of? Learn about quarks, matter and antimatter, hadrons, baryons, mesons, leptons, and more. Then challenge yourself with the quiz on What Particles are Made of. Next up is What Holds it Alltogether where you’ll learn about how matter works, how quarks function, gravity, and color charge just to name a few things, and then you can take the quiz for that section. That’s not all either, the last category in this section is Particle Decoys and Annihilations, where you’ll learn about radioactivity, half life, missing mass, and a whole lot more.

The Large Hadron Collider Explores Unsolved Mysteries – here you’ll learn all about the unsolved mysteries being explored outside of the Standard Model that was explored in the previous section. You’ll learn about Grand Unified Theory, Supersymmetry, String Theory, Extra Dimensions, and Dark Matter. This section was very fascinating. 

Accelerators and Particle Decelerators – another section filled with information that answers the following questions: How do we know any of this? How do we detect what’s happening? How do we experiment with tiny particles? And how do we interpret our data?  I think this was my favorite section because I often find myself asking the question “How?” about a lot of things. I want to understand not only how things work but how we prove that’s how they work. I loved this section!

This is a great site devoted to learning about physics behind the world we live in. Great for kids and adults, go check it out today!


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