Microsoft Paint, the very basic drawing program that comes free with Windows, has kind of a bad reputation with artistic types. They say it really doesn’t do much. I’ve always considered it a program with limited functionality. But checking out the website for 97-year-old artist Hal Lasko, I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s us. Check out what the legally blind retired graphic artist was able to do using MS Paint.

Or how about this…

Did I mention he was legally blind and started using Microsoft Paint in the late 1990’s? And he made something like this:

Hal was born in 1915 in Toledo and after serving in WWII spent a career as a graphic designer in Cleveland. He worked for companies like Goodyear and General Tire and even for the Cleveland Browns. When Hal retired from American Greetings in the 1970s, he concentrated on his art. Sometime in the 1990’s, someone thought it might be fun to show Grandpa Microsoft Paint.

Turns out that Hal loved the new way of expressing himself and switched from painting on canvas to exclusive painting with Paint, with some pretty amazing results.

Hal lost some of his vision to macular degeneration in 2005 and he’s now legally deaf as well. But he’s still creating works of art. Prints of his work are available to buy at his website  You can also check out the videos that show how Hal works.

It’s amazing to see how his work comes together pixel by pixel by pixel. You’ll also learn more about his long career and meet his family. He’s really a remarkable individual.

 In fact, Hal has inspired me to work with MS Paint. What do you think of my work?

Yeah, not so great. I guess I’ll leave the Paint masterpieces to Hal.

~ Cynthia