How To Enlarge Tool Bar Text Size In Windows 7

Jeanne from DeLand, FL writes:

I just purchased a refurbished computer with Windows 7 Home on it. I’ve downloaded AOL 9.7, and Internet Explorer 11 and the toolbars are in such tiny print I’m considering sending the computer back. I’ve tried everything I’ve read to try and get them larger but nothing works! HELP!

Jeanne, let’s look at a couple of options. You could adjust the text size.

Start by going to the Control Panel

A window will open with your options, Select Appearance and Personalization.

Choose Display

Select Make text and other items larger or smaller.

You can then select a larger size for the items displayed on your screen.

Another option would be to change your screen resolution. At higher resolutions, items appear sharper, but they also appear smaller so more items can fit on the screen. To change you resolution, right click on your desktop. A window will open. Select Screen Resolution.

You’ll then have the option to change the resolution of your monitor or monitors.

Click on the Resolution drop-down menu and you’ll have the option to adjust the resolution by pulling the slider bar down.

There will be fewer things displayed on your screen, so items displayed will appear larger, but the image will not be as sharp.

~ Cynthia


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