Robert from MS writes:

Like to know if you can put a background or theme or picture on your home page mine is and when I open my home page it blank on both sides with white on both sides can you help please?


Normally you’d be stuck with whatever background the designers of the webpage chose. The white on both sides is an intentional look, as there’s been en emphasis lately on clean, uncluttered design for websites. 


But if you have an account, you also have a Yahoo! account. (The homepage is really Yahoo branded with the logo.)  If you are signed into your! account, you have the option to do a lot of customization on your homepage. 

To get started, click on More on the right of the page and select My Yahoo from the drop-down menu.

 As you can see here, I’ve gone with a customized patriotic look for mine. The My Yahoo! page gives you the option to customize everything. You can choose the content, the apps etc… and place them where you want them on the page.

But since your question was about background images, let’s look at how you can jazz things up. Select the Themes tab.

 You can either choose one of the many themes offered or choose to customize your theme.

To change the background, select the option to Change Image.

You can them choose to upload a file from your computer. If you have a Flickr account, you can select an image from there.

Once you get the page looking the way you like, you can make it your new homepage. 

~ Cynthia