How Can I Make My Text Larger in AOL Desktop 9.7

Lynn writes:
How do I get my text larger, I have tried several options but (I guess I am dumb) but need help.  I am on AOL Desktop 9.7. 
Thanks loads, hugs, Lynn
Lynn, you certainly aren’t dumb. A whole lot of people have voiced similar concerns about AOL Desktop 9.7.  Looking around for solutions, I’ve not been able to find one solution that works for everyone. But here are at least three things you can try:
Adjust the text size in Windows
Click on Control Panel in the Start Menu.
Choose Appearance and Personalization.
A window will open with several options. Under Display select Make text and other items larger or smaller.
You can then make items displayed on your screen up to 150% larger.
Adjust Screen Resolution
Another option is to select Adjust screen resolution under Display.
You can then select the Resolution drop-down menu.
 Use the slider to lower the resolution. Many people report that helps. Items will appear larger on the screen, but the picture will be of a slightly lower quality.
Uninstall AOL
Of course, if you don’t like the AOL interface you could uninstall AOL Desktop 9..7 and simply use your standard Windows desktop.  Again, you head to the control panel, but this time you select Programs and click on Uninstall a program.
A window will open with a list of programs. Find AOL Desktop 9.7 and select it.
Then click on Uninstall at the top of the list.
I hope one of these options takes care of your issues.
~ Cynthia

5 thoughts on “How Can I Make My Text Larger in AOL Desktop 9.7

  1. I have had AOL 9’7 for many years, it suddenly stopped opening, says: AOL will install files to connect to service, AOL opening….will not open, I have waited up to 30 minutes. Thank you.

  2. The zoom option under the edit tab in 9.7 did work for me. I don’t know which zoom factor I chose. 50%…100% 150% ? but you can try each until you find the proper size for you. ;

  3. Fix this on Surface Pro 3 windows 8.1 using “increase text size” AND set the additional items to Font 11 not bold. Menus, etc are the others available in drop list. Push Apply- log off- log on to see the change. It may be necessary to repeat this as we had to, but at least the thing is text you can see

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