There And Back Again: A Packet’s Tale. How Does the Internet Work?

You’ve probably figured out by now that I have a very curious mind and often want to know how or why things work. Well that’s what’s today’s site is an answer to. I was ruminating over how exactly the internet works and decided to do some research. 

I found a lot of great sites, but I really was happy with was that I discovered this video from the World Science Festival. In a three minute and twenty-one second video you’ll learn how a request to visit a website on a user’s end creates a packet of data that travels across the world to deliver the request and the answer that comes back. 

The video very cleverly explains how this interaction works in terms that are understandable to most people. It’s amazing to think how interconnected our world has become through the internet. 

Go check it out for yourself and see just how the internet works!


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