Smartbar Has Stopped Working Error

Frankyn from North Tonawanda, NY writes:

When windows 7 boots up I get the message “Smartbar has stopped working”. How may I get this “Smartbar” working again?
Thank You

You probably don’t want to get the Smartbar working again. It’s a plug-in  that’s sometimes distributed with other programs. When functioning, the Smartbar changes your browser’s home page and collects info about your computer.   You may have accidentally installed it when giving permissions for another program.  Here’s how to get rid of it.  Go to Control Panel.

Choose Programs – Uninstall a program.

You’ll see a list of programs.

Type smartbar in the search box at the upper right.

When it show up in the results, you can select it and then choose Uninstall.

~ Cynthia


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