How To Gift An eBook


Since man first put written word on the page and bound it into books, we’ve been saying to ourselves at the end of a really good one “you know who would really enjoy this…” Gifts of books have been commonplace for hundreds of years, but how do you do the same in the eReader and eBook generation? The good news is, it’s easier than you might think.

The first step is determining which of the popular eBook platforms you wish to use to give the book. The most popular are Kindle by Amazon and Nook by Barnes & Noble. Both of these services offer programs for computers, tablets, phones and specialized eReader devices. If your friend already owns a Kindle or a Nook you’ll want to stick with that service but otherwise you can choose.

The next step is to browse for the book you want to give in the appropriate store.

Once you’ve located a book you want to give, the process varies slightly depending on the store. You’ll click Give As A Gift on Amazon or Buy As Gift on Barnes & Noble. From here you’ll be asked to sign in (or create) an account to pay for the item and be given an area to enter your friend’s e-mail address so that your gift can be electronically delivered.

Your friend simply follows the instructions in the e-mail they receive to claim their eBook. The book can then be download onto compatible devices or the computer to read.


P.S. For someone looking for a “big” gift for someone eInk eReaders are available starting at $69 at most major retailers. eInk displays are ideal for reading eBooks because they last for weeks on a charge and have special screens which make them easy to read in daylight.

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