In The News: 8-16-2013

Google Highlights Google Glass As Aid To Disabled

A lot of people have made fun of Google Glass, asking why you need to wear a computer in front of your face and pointing out that it could make you look like a silly hipster cyborg. But Google showed off how the device could be life-changing for someone with a disability.  Google spent time with  Alex Blaszczuk, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident, as she went on a camping trip with friends. A YouTube video showed Alex on a camping trip with friends.

She used Google Glass to get directions, take photographs and videos to share via social media and look up information on the Internet all with the use of her voice. 

 Amazon Enters The Fine Art Business

Amazon has entered the fine art business, launching Amazon Art in partnership with several galleries. The online shop features paintings, drawings mixed media, photography and art prints with prices ranging from nearly $5,000,000 for a Norman Rockwell original oil.

To as low as $10 to $25.

That Rockwell is so going on my Wishlist. Free shipping is included!

 Microsoft Adds Free Windows Phone App Studio

In a push to create a better variety of apps for the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has introduced the Windows Phone App Studio, a free program aimed at making app development easy. Developers can create apps without having to write code.

Microsoft promises that you can create an app in four easy steps.

 While Android and Apple offer close to a million different apps each in their app stores – there were only 145,000 apps available for Windows phones in 2012.

~ Cynthia

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