How Can I Save Facebook Pictures On My Android Tablet?

Gladys writes:

How can I save pictures from Facebook that I receive on my Android tablet?

Gladys, first you’ll need to tap on the photo to open it in the photo viewer.

Once open, either tap your menu button or, depending on the device, press down on the photo and hold.

You should then see the option to save the photo.

 ~ Cynthia


0 thoughts on “How Can I Save Facebook Pictures On My Android Tablet?

  1. I read your tip on saving pictures on an android tablet. I have the Kindle Fire HD and your tip doesn’t work. Is there a certain FB app that it works on? There are 3 or 4 apps for Facebook. Can you tell me which one I should have? Thank you, C Yates

  2. Hi.I don’t see save photo in option menu!
    I have samsung galaxy note 8. N5100.
    I have official facebook app but there is no save photo in here.just setting and share and report!

  3. How do I save a facebook picture from my timeline on my samsung tablet to private messenger

    1. No app required besides the FB app you are using. What do you see when you press and hold or choose the menu button?

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