App Turns Any Surface Into A Touch Screen

A new app from Ubi will turn any surface into a virtual touch screen. All you need is a Windows 8 PC, a Kinect for Windows sensor and a projector plus the $150 app.

 The app supports creating up to a 45 inch touch screen and more expensive versions of the app will let you have up to a 100 inch touch screen.

To set up the touch screen, you use either  front or rear projector to project your image, then you point the Kinect sensor at the display. This app works with the Kinect for Windows sensor and is not recommended for use with the Kinect for Xbox sensor.

The user can then interact with the display using simple gestures. Ubi’s app analyzes the images captured by the sensor to detect the position of the user’s hand and translate the gestures and pass them on to any touch-optimized Windows 8 app. 

The app would let you turn a wall or even a tabletop into a touch work surface.

Ubi accomplishes this task with a vision engine that can precisely detect the position of a user’s fingertips and hand relative to the display.

Right now the app is being marketed for businesses, but it does open up all sorts of intriguing possibilities for home entertainment and gaming. The app is currently available for purchase at the Ubi Interactive website.

~ Cynthia


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