Help! My Yahoo Mail Is A Mess

Terri writes:

I was wondering if there is any way around the dreadful mess Yahoo has made of the email account. It used to be like every other one, so many emails to a page which was great. Now it is a continuous stream non stop & it makes it difficult to locate any that I have kept from quite a while back. I used to know roughly which page they would be on. Is there any way we can change that do you know?

Terri, I can’t redesign Yahoo’s inbox to bring back a certain number of e-mails to a page, but I can show you a way to organize your e-mails. In fact, it’s a much better way that looking through e-mails page by page because you roughly remember what page certain e-mails should be on. Let’s treat e-mail, like good old-fashioned snail mail. If you have an important letter or statement you wish to keep, you file it. Let’s make some files for your messages.

Open Yahoo! Mail. Over to the right you will see Folders about halfway down the pane. Select the + sign.

Now we can name that folder. There are many ways you might wish to sort mail. You could name folders by date or by subject or by topic. Here I’m making a file for recipes.

The newly named file will appear under Folder and also have a tab at the top.

To move messages to that folder, simply select the message in the Inbox.

Select the arrow next to Move on the toolbar at the top of the Inbox.

And choose the desired destination folder from the drop-down menu.

The message will be moved to the folder for easy access later.  You can create a variety of folders.

Simply right click on the folders to edit or delete them.

If the list of folders is taking up too much room, just click the arrow next to Folder in the pane.

That will collapse the list. You can always bring the full list back by clicking the arrow.

Another nifty trick, you can send e-mails directly into their destination folders.  Choose a message from the inbox and then select Action from the toolbar and then choose Filter e-mails like this from the drop-down menu.

You’ll have the option to filter similar messages into the folder of your choice. Here I’m setting up filters to send a bank statement into the Bank Statements¬† folder. I’m adding the name of the sender, the e-mail address, a recipient and a subject filter to make sure that only statements from that particular sender go into the folder.

While you may miss the old Yahoo! set-up, give the idea of organizing by folders a try. I think you’ll find it will save you a lot of time and effort.

~ Cynthia


3 thoughts on “Help! My Yahoo Mail Is A Mess

  1. Yahoo mail is now 100% GARBAGE. They have recently changed the layout ( for the worst) and they limit the number of emails per page that show, they have deleted the ability to simply highlight an email and hit delete, in favor of checking the box and then scrolling up to the top to hit delete. This and the entire system is much slower and lag time between delete and refresh is painfully slow. I for one am migrating all of my email over to other providers. Yahoo has disappointed me for the last time and their customer service SUCKS. I have written to them for months and nobody ever responds.

  2. Sadly, this issue have become worse than before. My email format is a catastrophe. Very, very confusing. Impossible to find emails from a couple weeks ago….And please don’t suggest putting them in folders. I’d have countless folders. It’s much easier looking for an email by looking for the name of who sent it or even seeing the subject name on the screen…..but now the names have disappeared and you can’t find anything. Not even the name of the sender….. Really a mess.

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