So I might be putting the cart before the horse seeing as I haven’t even started looking at houses yet, but when my roommate and I move, we’re going to need help figuring out how to best arrange the space and decorate. So in my pre-move, pre-house buying planning I’ve been looking at different sites that will help  us out when the time comes to make the most of the space we get. What can I say? I like to be prepared.  

Roomle is an awesome free tool that lets you do just that – organize a floor plan and then decorate the space! On the main page, you’ll find three tutorial videos that will help you quickly grasp how to use the program. It has a very intuitive design so that it takes roughly five minutes to master how to use it. I’m guessing it might take a little bit longer if you don’t check out the tutorials. But overall, I found it easy to use. 

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge, click the green Start Roomle button to sign up and get started. Depending on your connection, you may want to go grab something to drink while it initializes I had to wait a solid minute on my cable connection.

To sign up you just need to fill out the form with a working e-mail address, create a password and a username, and then click the green Register Now button. You’re instantly loaded into the program and can begin right away. 

So you’ll start out by using the draw feature to create the shape of your room, then you’ll fill it with basic elements like doors, windows, heaters, etc. After you’ve completed the  basics, you’ll move onto furnishing the room with similar objects to what you own, and then last step will be to walk through your house with your avatar in the 3D mode. 

So I tried it out by recreating the living room we have now. You can check it out here. I didn’t add too many details, just enough to get a feel for intuitive the program was. 

Go check it out for yourself and give it a try! I’ve bookmarked it for when we move sometime this fall because it was a very cool and impressive design tool!


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