Outlook.com – How To Add/Remove Contacts From Groups

Bhasker from Ontario writes,

In Outlook.com, how do you get a contact listed in a group and also how to you remove one?

Let’s walk through the process of creating a group and then adding and deleting members. Once you are logged into your Outlook.com account, click on the arrow next to Outlook in the far right corner.

Then choose People.

Click New at the top and choose New Group.

Name the group and start typing the names of contacts you wish to add. Click on the person in the drop-down menu to add him/her to the group.

Or you can just scroll through contacts and select people by clicking on their names.

¬†Once the group is saved, you’ll find over to the left in your list of contacts.

Click on it to select. You can choose to send an e-mail to group members or choose edit to add or delete people from the group list.

When you click Edit, you have the option add or delete group members. You can delete members by clicking the X next to their image.

If you have any other questions about Outlook.com – click here to ask. If you’re having an issue or an error, make sure to let us know what version of Windows you’re using and which browser you’re using to view Outlook.com.

~ Cynthia

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