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In my area the campuses are starting to fill up with students again, as the last week of August and first week of September hail the beginning of the Fall semester.  With that in mind, I wanted to share the Hack College site which is full of useful tips for everyone from college freshman to graduate students to degree holders who need help after graduation. 

I found this site by stumbling across its Guide section. The section is devoted to career guides, where you can  find tips on How to Become “insert job title here” or Getting and Using “insert degree here”.  Each guide lays out the path from the degree you should get to how to make your way in the world after you’ve obtained it. 

Right now if you check out the main page of Hack College, you’ll notice that they’ve also figured out that now is when school is starting and as such have laid out all kinds of useful articles for college freshmen. You’ll find everything from how to be a better roommate to money tips to choosing the right equipment to succeed in school. 

Now I wasn’t a traditional college freshmen, so a lot of the information provided wouldn’t have been pertinent to me, but I have helped a lot of college freshmen transition to college from high school and a lot it is very valid for that situation. So if you know someone who’s off to college this fall send them this link!  I could write a three page letter on things I wish I knew before I was college senior that would have been helpful for the whole college experience. 

Besides the featured articles which you can navigate blog style, if you scroll down the page you’ll also find a Hack Colleges Pages section where you can find links to even more useful information, like oh say the Guides section I mentioned earlier. 

Go check it out today, and be sure to share it with any college students you know.



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