In The News – 8-30-2013

Microsoft Bing for Schools Offers Ad-Free Searching

Microsoft launched a free, national pilot program to test out the new Bing for Schools search engine. The service gives both public and private schools, grades K-12, the chance to have an ad-free search engine.

Bing for Schools sets strict filters to block adult content and also offers special educational features to teach digital literacy. Schools can learn how to join the pilot program at

Los Angeles Unified Schools, Fresno Unified Schools and the Detroit Country Day School are among the schools participating. 

Home users can also help the school of their choice earn credits by using Bing to search the web. Once a school earns 30,000 credits, it will receive a free Surface RT tablet.

 TiVo Adds Live Streaming To Mobile Devices

DVR pioneer TiVo is fighting slow sales with new features that allow users to stream live TV and recording to their phones and tablets. Users will be restricted to a limited number of devices and some content won’t be available for streaming due to content provider restrictions.

Before you could only watch programming using the TiVo box in you home, now with the Roamio DVR,  you will be able to check out your shows over any Internet connection.  TiVo has also added the ability to record up to 6 shows at once and boosted storage on the DVR to 3 TB.

The new Roamio DVRs start at $199 and can cost up to $500.

 ~ Cynthia

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