Who’s Alive and Who’s Dead

My mom called me when Andy Griffith died, and my sister frequently posts about entertainers who’ve died recently on Facebook. So I’d say that my family is definitely interested in the lives and deaths of entertainers, and I’m just kind of oblivious to it. But they keep me in the loop, so I guess I can’t complain.

I’m not a fan of the news, it’s depressing. I’d much rather look up news about specific current events rather than slog through the whole thing. It helps me stay somewhat sane.  Today not only does our news seem to center around celebrities, but you also can’t necessarily trust what’s being reported when it comes to celebrity deaths. Since the advent of social media and wikipedia there are also celebrity death hoaxes to contend with. 

Well now you can find out easily, all at one place, whether a celebrity is alive or dead. Today’s site helps you stay on track of who’s alive and who’s dead. 

Navigation is pretty easy, you can use the search field to just type in the name of who you want to find out is living or dead and click Go. Or you can browse one of the following categories: Actors and Actresses, Musical Performers,  Other Performers, Political Figures, Athletes and Sports Figures, and All Other Categories. 

I also wanted to point out the Recent Deaths link, if you click it you’ll be whisked away to a listing of who has passed away in the past year arranged alphabetically. I was expecting it to be chronologically so I wanted to give you heads up that if you wanted to look at it that way you need to click Sort by DOD (date of death). 

Now you no longer have to wonder whether your favorite performer, public figure, or celebrity are alive or dead. Go check it out today! 



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