Windows SP 1 Won't Finish Installing

Barry from Lexington, KY writes:

I have a MSI laptop, running Windows7 Home Premium. I have automatic updates enabled. I have been trying to update to SP1, for at least two years. I have tried automatically, and manually to do this. I have downlouded, and unloaded updates numerous times. When Update is running, when I turn off the laptop, it says do not unplug, as it is installing the updates usually 1-6 or more, it eventually shuts down. On turning it back on, it tells me it is configuring the service pack. It usually gets to about 10% befor I get a failure, reverting message. I have downloaded numerous support MS files to fix this, based on different messages I get from them, even have tried their MRFIXIT many times, nothing seems to do it. So, every time I power up its a 10 minute or more wait for all this to happen again. What should I do?

Barry, since you’ve already tried Microsoft’s Mr. Fixit repair tool to trouble shoot the update issues, I’m going to suggest you try Windows Start-Up Repair.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to boot from the Windows 7 DVD or a system repair disc that you’ve created.  Remove any external storage devices, close any open programs and restart your computer. Insert the DVD into your computer and watch for the “Press any key to book from disc” command while restarting. Press a key.

You’ll select the basic language and keyboard settings you wish to use.  Then you’ll see the option to repair you computer. Select that and then choose Start Up Repair. From the system recovery options, you’ll want to choose the start-up repair tool. 

The repair may take awhile. You may have to click to confirm some repairs. When the repair is done, click Finish.

~ Cynthia



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  1. I ran into the exact same problem. the only way to cure it is to go the updates that are installing and one for 9-11 date (don’t remember the year) MUST BE INSTALLED BY IT SELF! If he just installs that update alone and then restarts presto prob gone. hope it helps. ken

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