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Have you written a book or think you’d like to write one? Not really interested in going through agents and publishers? Or maybe you’ve gone that route with on success. Amazon makes it fairly easy to publish and sell your e-book for Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing and there’s no fee to publish the book, although Amazon does get a share of the sales.

You start the process by going to Kindle Direct Publishing,

You will need to either log onto your Amazon Account or create one.

The publishing process only takes a few minutes and your work will appear on Amazon within 24 hours. You have the opportunity to earn up to a 70% royalty and can publish in English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese. Your books will be made available on Kindle devices and Kindle apps.

You can also choose to print your works through Amazon’s Create Space.

Amazon offers a printable PDF for free that will walk you through putting your book into the proper format to publish on Kindle, although the guide is geared towards those who write using Microsoft Word.

You will find information about important topics such as your legal right under the Help Topics Menu.


Make sure to read all of the legal terms carefully. If you’re serious about it, you might even want to have an attorney look it over. According to Amazon, you retain all ownership rights and copyrights to your digital books, but they retain the rights to distribute your works as a Kindle book only. So you wouldn’t be able to offer you item up for sale in the Nook Store.



You will also find important information on payment methods, sales reports and tax requirements. While the writing is creative, you don’t want to get creative with the accounting.



There’s a helpful video available, but you really do need to go through and read the information on taxes, formatting and legal matters as well.

Some of the details seem a little tedious, but it’s all important and you should never agree to anything you don’t understand. Kindle Direct Publish also has some pretty strict rules about using work that’s available anywhere else, so you’ll want to read that all very carefully.

You can also reach new audiences and make a little extra money by participating in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Check out the information and you just might be on the way to distributing your novel.

~ Cynthia

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