Secret Facebook Inbox – Are You Missing Messages?

You could be missing messages sitting in your ‘secret’ Facebook Inbox. Well, it’s not really a secret, but you may not know about it.  Here’s how to check. Choose the Messenger icon to open Messages.


Next to Inbox in light gray lettering, you’ll see a tab for Other. Select that tab.



There you’ll see messages you might have missed. Some will be junk, but others could be from people you know or groups you belong to.

Check it out.

~ Cynthia

7 thoughts on “Secret Facebook Inbox – Are You Missing Messages?

  1. Wow, great tip, I tried it and found 51 messages that I did not know existed!! Thanks so much, I’m sharing with all of my peeps too!

  2. I checked my ‘Other’ folder after reading your tip, Cynthia, I found a note from one of the sons of my long lost bestie, I have been looking for her for 15 years. Thank you Cynthia, for the best ‘tip’ I have ever checked out (and there have been hundreds).

  3. Tips are great, but, I would like more tips of the FB email system. What happens when you archive an email. Can I get back to it. How do you delete messages? Thanks.

  4. I want to thank you for posting this about face book, because I have had people tell me they sent me a message and I could not find it until today thanks to your tip.

  5. OK, I know how to find them but have been having trouble replying. Like how to I send my message back once I have written it?

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