Facebook Makes It Easier For Businesses

Facebook is making it much easier for businesses with pages to hold contests and promotions.  Under previous rules, businesses were not allowed to have people like pages or posts or comment on posts to enter giveaways. All contests had to be administered by Facebook approved apps, which were not always cheap.

Some businesses asked for comments or likes as entries despite the rules, but Facebook could have suspended or deleted their pages. 

Now businesses can collect entries by having users post on, comment or like a page, collect entries with Facebook Messenger and use likes as a voting mechanism. 

This applies only to pages for businesses, individuals cannot run contests on their personal profiles.

While relaxing entry rules, Facebook is tightening tagging rules. Businesses cannot ask people to tag themselves is photos they are not actually in and you cannot ask someone to tag himself or herself in a picture of a product in exchange for an entry into a contest.

You can check out the new rules here.

~ Cynthia

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