New Foursquare App For Windows 8

Foursquare, the social media app that lets you share where you are and what you’re doing with your friends is new and improved for Windows 8 devices.  More than 35 million already use the app and now Windows 8 and Windows RT  users can get in on sharing their favorite spot for latte.

Foursquare allows you to share information about our favorite places to go and then others can use that information  to help select where they might like to have a cup of coffee or go for a weekend.

Microsoft calls it an “incredible discovery engine,” and a “rich immersive  experience.” All jargon which I find incredibly annoying and not particularly useful for explaining what the app does.  I’d call it more of a helpful crowd-sourced travel guide.  Users tell you their opinions of places and you can also share your opinion, rewarding great service and warning others if you have an unpleasant experience. If by “rich immersive experience,” Microsoft means it’s attractive, it certainly is. Windows 8 apps, what few there are, tend to be gorgeous and this is no exception.

When you log on, you’ll see your last check-in and places the app feels might be of interest nearby.

If you want to check out the local hotspots, you can pull up a map to see which places are trending and look at the places users seem to like best. The best ratings are based on likes and repeat check-ins.

If you see an orange square you can tap to see special offers. A blue square means you can learn more about the location.

When I tap or click on the Space Needle, I get more information about the attraction, including hours, contact information and which of my friends has visited.

This is a useful app, that looks great on a Windows 8 tablet.  It is also great news for Microsoft. The company is sorely lacking in Windows 8 apps. One change from the Foursquare app users may be familiar with from their phone is no newsfeed updating you about your friends activities. That information is factored into the ratings assigned to places.

The app is free in the Windows Store and works for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

~ Cynthia


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