The Perils At The Great Falls

This article from the Washington Post is interactive and I really geeked out about it. I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I think this sort of thing shows the depth that internet has to offer both for news giving, education, and generating interest with articles. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll notice that river water in the image is flowing and that there are markers floating like buoys along it. If you click those markers the information below the image will change and offer you an interesting, educational river fact about what that marker is highlighting about the river. 

After you’ve examined all of those markers, scroll down and start to read the article. As you read you’ll encounter more photos of the river with markers offering more information. And after that, you’ll find a final image that shows the dangers awaiting under placid waters. It shows the potholes, entrapments, and cliffs lurking just below the surface.

I really hope to see more articles like this crop over the internet. I find them very engaging and education. Of course, maybe I just like to click to reveal things, but I still think it’s cool. 

Go check it out for yourself!


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