How Do I Get Internet Explorer Back?

Ginny from Charlotte writes:

Windstream had to re-set my computer…PROBLEM  …all of a sudden I have  “Chrome” and not Windows Internet Explorer …THIS has caused all kinds of problems, namely I can’t get to my Face Book page…I can get there BUT can’t open it up or see anything…I got a message from FB:  We detected a login into your account from a new device named “Chrome on Windows” on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 10:38pm. This device has been added to your account. Operating System: Windows XP Browser: Chrome. Just HOW to I get my Browser back to Internet Explorer?

Ginny, Internet Explorer probably isn’t gone. It just sounds as if Chrome as been set as your new default browser. The message you are getting is because is because your computer was re-set and you’re using a new browser. Facebook will notify you if your account is accessed from a new device, just as a security precaution. You should be able to log onto your Facebook account as usual from the Chrome browser.  If you click OK,  you should get the option to enter your Facebook information.

But it sounds as if you’d rather have Internet Explorer back, so let’s find it. Open your start menu, you’re looking for the Internet Explorer icon. If you don’t see it click on search and type in Internet Explorer.

When Internet Explorer is returned as a search result, click on the Icon to open it. If for some reason, Internet Explorer was removed from your computer, you’ll want to download it again. I am assuming that you are running Windows XP. The highest version of Internet Explorer that you’ll be able to run in Windows XP is Internet Explorer 8. Click here to download.

 Once you have Internet Explorer open, you’ll want to set it as your default browser. Under the Tools menu select Internet Options:

Select the Programs Tab and then under Default web browser, select Make default. Then choose, OK.

 Since you’ve recently used Internet Explorer, it should now appear in your Start menu. To make a desktop shortcut for IE, right click on the Internet Explorer icon and then drag the icon onto your desktop.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “How Do I Get Internet Explorer Back?

  1. I have Windows 7. My old aol browser is IE. I have uploaded a newer aol and I said aol could be the browser. Big mistake! Now I want to have the browser be IE because my newer aol won’t let me print out my investments. How can I get IE to be the newest aol browser? The old aol still uses IE for it’s browser but I don’t like to use the old aol. In internet options under Programs tab it says IE is the default web browser.

  2. I recently upgraded zoom alarm and had to set it as my browser, which was a disaster. It couldn’t find anything in my emails and wouldn’t open anything else. This helped me to change the browser to yahoo. Thank you, so much.

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