Have you ever tried in vain to delete one of your social networking accounts? I have. Oh god, I shudder to think about how hard it used to be to delete a MySpace account.  I hope that’s gotten better since I got rid of mine years ago. 

Well, with Just Delete Me you’ll find a color-coded list of popular web apps and services with links that will take you directly to the page you need in order to delete your account. Makes searching for that delete account page so much easier.

The color coding is as follows: Green is Easy. Yellow is Medium. Red is Difficult. And Black is Impossible.  It may sound naive but I was really surprised at how many of these sites on the list were color-coded black. 

So how does it work? Well once you’re on the site and found the social network or web app or service you want to delete your account from you click the color-coded label and it whisks you away to the page on that site to delete your account. You more than likely will need to log in to said account to delete it. 

I also wanted to point out that some of the entries have the option for you to click Show Info. If you click that it will explain the process of what you have to do to delete your account from that site before you even get there so you know what to expect. 

So if you’re ready to delete yourself off a bunch of sites (something I do at least once a year for sites I’m no longer using) then this site will help you do it easily. Check it out today!