5 Free Problem-Solvers

Today we’re going to take a look at five free problem-solving programs you can download to make your life easier.

Problem 1: Windows 8 ate my Start Button!

Problem Solver: Classic Shell.

This nifty little download gives you back the look of Window 7 or XP. It’s free, but donations are accepted.  Learn all about it and how to download, by clicking here.

Problem 2: My computer came with all kinds of useless programs I don’t want pre-installed.

Problem Solver: PC Decrapafier.

This free download lives up to its name, it takes out the junk that slows down your computer.

One of the reasons that big-box stores are able to offer lower computer prices, is that they get paid by companies to load the devices up with software you don’t want. Some stores will take the stuff off, but for a fee. This program does it for free.

Click here to learn all about it and how to download.

Problem 3 – Microsoft Office costs a fortune and I don’t want to pay for a yearly subscription!

Problem Solver: OfficeLibre

Microsoft Office is a nice product, but paying 99 dollars a year for a subscription can seem a little steep when you just need it for home use. How does an open source free alternative sound? What if you could put it on a flash drive and take it with you to use on any computer? Thought you’d like that one.

Read all about it and how to get it for free by clicking here.

Problem 4: Adobe Reader – The constant updates drive me crazy and they want me to buy the paid version if I need to edit or create files.

Problem Solver: Nitro Reader

View, edit and create PDFs or convert other files to PDF. Ever wanted to save a picture from a PDF, but couldn’t figure out how? This program lets you extract images from a PDF and does a while lot more.

Click here to learn all about it and how to download.

Problem 5: Big files are clogging up my hard drive.

Problem Solver: WizTree

WizTree lets you easily see which files are hogging the most disc space and act accordingly. Don’t you wish something would do that for your closet?

Find out all about WizTree by clicking here.

~ Cynthia

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