Nap Wheel

Have you ever suffered a nap attack? That’s where despite your best efforts a nap sneaks up on you and grab some shut eye for a few hours. 

But what if you could take the ultimate nap by overlapping your REM cycle with Slow Wave Sleep (SWS)? What if you just want to know when your body is going to be naturally tired? 

Well with the nap wheel you can do both of those things. What you do is move the hand on the clock to the time you woke up. They yellow circle will move to where slow wave sleep would naturally occur. If you adjust the hand on the clock till they over lap that would be when the Ulitmate Nap would occur. 

Naps that occur before the two cross will have more REM and naps after will have more SWS. I like the idea of being able to figure out when I could get the best sleep. And it’s funny that whenever I have to get up super early (I’m a night owl) that I noticeably feel extra out of sorts and groggy because it is during my REM cycle. 

This is a cool little interactive nap guide. Check it out for yourself today!


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