MSN Won’t Remember My Password

Bob from St. Paul, MN writes:

MSN has changed will not allow your computer to remember your password making it necessary to put it in each time you go on the net. It goes to a page with three icons. 

They asked if I like the new look.  I said NO as plain as I could. I did not change anything on my computer when this requirement occurred.  MSN told me that I could no longer store my password.

Is it possible to design a flash drive program that would start your computer?  It would be such that you would plug in the drive to a UBS port and it would do all the steps required to get you on line. Such a program would be worth $5 or $10 plus the flash drive. To make it personal it would have to follow your start up routine once including your password and then be able to repeat it each time it was plugged in. 

Fortunately, Bob I have much simpler solution to your issue with All Microsoft e-mail accounts, MSN, Hotmail, Live Mail – have all been combined into and the solution to your problem lies there. I want you to go to

Sign in with your MSN username and password. Make sure you check the Keep me signed in box. Then click Sign in.

You should be taken to your Inbox.

Now I want you to go to Up in the left corner, just above the MSN logo,  you’ll see and a number indicating the number of unread e-mail messages.

When you click on, you should be taken directly to your inbox without having to enter a password.

If you are interested in a password manager, check out KeyPass. It’s free and you can learn about it by clicking here.

~ Cynthia

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