Adjust Your Privacy

Social networking sites often update their privacy policy about what they can and cannot do with your personal information, hide it in a ton of jargon that the most patient of people would be bored reading after five or ten minutes and legalese, and then basically expect you to know that you’re responsible for all the content control of your personal information. Can you tell I’ve been frustrated by this issue before? 

I’m a big believer in being in charge of who sees the content I post online, so I don’t mind that I need to take control of it. I just hate that sometimes these companies make it so difficult to do. Well no more! Checkout Adjust Your Privacy today and see what you can do to beef up your privacy online. 

If you have a Facebook or Google + account the first thing I’d suggest you do is click the View as Public button underneath each. A new tab will open that displays how your Facebook or Google + account looks to a stranger who’s looking at it.  Not happy with how much information is displayed? Then look at the icons above those buttons and choose the social network that you want to edit your privacy settings on. There is, of course, Facebook and Google +, but you’ll also find Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Tumblr, Yahoo, Flickr, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Hulu, Reddit, Pandora, Orkut, Foursquare, Bebo, LiveJournal, and Friendster. 

It will whisk you directly away to the page where you’ll need to edit the settings to make your information more private. Edit the settings and be sure to save them. 

Next you may want to use the custom Google search field under Test Your Privacy to see what comes up when your name is googled.  You can also Conduct an In-Depth Search of Yourself, that will do a deep internet search that looks information online and public records. 

And finally, it shows you how you can Opt-Out of Online Tracking. You’ll have to go to each site and do whatever task is required to opt-out (filling out a form, sending an e-mail, etc.). 

Basically this site puts the tools to control your privacy online in your hands in a way that is easily accessible and free to use.


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