Why I Can’t I Put Pictures In E-mails?

Dee writes:

 I use to enjoy sending mail to friends and relatives as I could send pictures on the email as I told the story.  It would let you optimize the picture and then they changed and all you can do is add as an attachment.  It took the fun out of telling a story to a friend with pictures added as I told it. Is there any email service that still let’s you send the picture easily like before?  Yahoo doesn’t either.  If not is there a way to do this simply.  Sometimes they try and fix things for the better only to mess it up.
Dee, remember, even if the photos look like they are imbedded in your e-mail when you send it, that doesn’t mean they’ll display that way in the other person’s e-mail.  You could use an e-mail client like Outlook to set up a nice looking message with embedded images, but when that e-mail arrives in someone else’s inbox, those files could be viewed as attachments. Since photos can be quite large files, you can end up inadvertently clogging up someone’s inbox or sending a message so large that it won’t be delivered at all.
Let me show you how to use the power  of cloud computing to display your photos just the way you want. Yahoo Mail! in integrated with the Flickr photo sharing site. You can learn more about Flickr and why it’s a great way to manage your photos by clicking here.
When you go to flickr.com you’ll see the option to sign up. Note the Yahoo symbol at the top.
Simply sign in with your Yahoo! account information.
You’ll notice links to your Yahoo! Mail and Groups at the top.
You’ll also see a quick link to Flickr in your Yahoo! Mailbox.
Uploading photos is easy, just select Upload.

Then you can choose to drag and drop photos into Flickr or select choose photos and videos and upload from a file.



Once you have those photos uploaded, placing them in an e-mail is pretty easy.  Compose a new e-mail in your Yahoo! inbox and select Share from Flickr in the attachment drop-down menu:



You’ll have the option of selecting images from your Flickr photos.



The image will display like this in your message:



This is much the same way that we display images in our newsletters. We don’t attach photos to our articles, they would be extremely large and if when we send them to thousands and thousands of people, they would take up a huge about of bandwidth and space in  their inboxes. We upload them to a server and provide an image link.  This way the photo is only uploaded once to a server and as many people as you like can view it. 

You can also use a Dropbox cloud storage account to display images in  Yahoo! mail.   If you use Outlook.com, you attach images using Skydrive in much the same way.

 ~ Cynthia

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  1. You can still do a copy and paste of photos to e-mail using the AOL software. it can be downloaded easily from the site.It’s free.

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