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I love to stumble upon excellent teaching resources randomly in my internet adventures. I was looking up Geo-Literacy, and ended up on the National Geographic’s Education site which is filled to the brim with awesome teaching resources and even had the information I needed. 

Like all National Geographic sites, there are a lot of navigational choices you can make to explore the site. Along the top of the page you’ll find a black navigation strip with the categories Teaching Resources, Reference and News,  Mapping, MEdia, Collections, Get Involved, and Geo-Literacy. You can also find lots of interesting tidbits on the main page! There’s the Fast Facts, the scrolling featured topics, and Quote right beneath the navigation strip. Below those you’ll find featured content from each of the categories on the navigation strip. 

I really liked the thematic maps that you can get to by clicking on the third slide on the scrolling featured content. You can filter them by Grades & Ages, Intended Audience, Archive, and Map Types. I also really enjoyed the Mapping section where you’ll find even more maps and the MapMaker Interactive application that you can use to create your own custom thematic map. 

Another really cool feature of the site is that they offer a free class that starts up in October.  

I think this is a really handy resource for anyone who is teaching science, social studies, or geography! Go check it out today!


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  1. Thanks so much for this write-up, Amanda. We’re so glad you enjoy our resources and are spreading the word about NG Education. Thanks!

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