Boost Productivity With Facebook Messenger For Windows

Although it’s unusual to see ‘Facebook’ and ‘productivity’ in the same sentence, Facebook’s Messenger for Windows can actually be useful for making your time on the computer more
productive. If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself with the urge to check Facebook for messages or notifications, only to find yourself blanked out, scrolling through endless posts in the news feed.

Fortunately, Facebook Messenger has the capability to pop up notifications on your desktop every time you receive a message or notification, eliminating the need to have to open your web browser to ‘check Facebook’ and saving you from those unintentional daydreams spent staring at the news feed.

You can download Facebook Messenger by clicking here and following the prompts to install the software. Once installed, a login screen will appear for you to enter your login details after which the Facebook Messenger window will appear. Facebook Messenger acts in a similar way as Facebook for web browsers, with friend requests, messages and notifications appearing at the top of the window across the blue task bar, news feed updates positioned directly beneath and your list of contacts with their online status beneath that.

Facebook Messenger will run as a background process and can be accessed through the taskbar by left clicking the arrow on the bottom right corner to show hidden icons, then either left clicking the Facebook Messenger icon to open the program if the window has been closed or right clicking the icon to reveal the program’s settings. Among settings include the options to enable notification popups and chat sounds, start-up settings and also the ability to dock the program to the right of your screen, where it will remain permanently while you continue to use other programs.

These settings, as well as a search function for finding contacts and an easily accessible dock enabler can also be accessed at the bottom of the Facebook Messenger window.

Perhaps the most useful and productive feature of Facebook’s Messenger for Windows is the program’s ability to display notifications on the desktop when a friend request, message or
notification is received. Notifications will briefly appear on the bottom right of the screen regardless of what other programs you are using. This allows you to stay informed while you are working in other programs. You will be alerted of messages in the task bar, in which case you can click on the message window to reply.

~ Alex Macri

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