In The News: 9-20-2013

Microsoft Will Give You A $200 Gift Card For Your Used iPad

Microsoft will offer a $200 gift card for a “gently used” iPad 2, 3 or 4 at select Microsoft stores in the U.S. and Canada.  On their website, the company says $200 is the minimum amount for the card, but they don’t give a maximum amount. To be eligible for trade-in the device should have its power cord with it.

You can use the gift card for any item in the Microsoft store, but the company would prefer you use it towards a new Surface tablet.  The offer runs until October 27. 

They also have an offer of up to $350 from their partner CExchange.  If you buy a new Microsoft device, then ship your old iPad to Clover Wireless, Clover will send you a prepaid Visa for the value of the trade-in.

Microsoft will unveil the next generation of Surface tablets on Sept. 23.

PayPal Revamping Rules To Manage Crowd Funding

PayPal is making some changes to better support crowd funding. Crowd Funding is basically raising money for a project using investors from the general public as opposed to seeking funding from a bank or traditional source capital. You can learn more about how crowd funding works by clicking here.

The online payment company points out that crowd funding could be open to a lot of abuse. Tomer Barel, the VP of Risk Management at PayPal said, “PayPal has a responsibility to ensure that the system remains secure, in compliance with Government regulations around the world, and that consumers who contribute to these campaigns understand where their money is going.”

He says that each crowd funding campaign will be reviewed by a senior staff member to make sure it’s legitimate until the company can design a set of procedures that protects customers while encouraging crowd fund campaigns.

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  1. I have had a lot of problems with PayPal in the past and would not reccomend the use of it, much better to use a direct deposit than go through the hassles with them.

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