Samsung Smart Home – The Future Is Now

The future is now and your home appliances are getting smarter by the minute.  Electronic manufacturer Samsung is showing off it’s like of intelligent appliances and they include everything from vacuums than know how dirty it is to washing machines that talk to your phone.

Take a look at the smart kitchen, the company thinks will make your life easier.

The T9000 refrigerator lets you switch spaces from fridge to freezer with just the touch of a button depending on your needs. This is no ordinary icebox – it features an Internet connection and can talk to your tablet or smartphone.

The smart ovens are also flexible, allowing you to cook two items at two different temperatures at the same time.

You can start the WiFi enable washer from work using your smartphone. It can even diagnosis mechanical issues using an app.

If you’re wondering how they keep this kitchen of the future so darn clean, check out this super intelligent vacuum that senses how much dirt there is on the floor.

All these brains don’t come cheap, the vacuum, fridge, oven and washer would run you more than $7000. And we still don’t have cooktop and a dryer for our dream home.

~ Cynthia

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  1. OK, so it is clear to see that who ever is designing the kitchen is ot a kitchen user. Otherwise, they would be aware of the fact that MORE counter space and less steps is the key to operating a great kitchen. Having it look pretty is nice, but having it function well, is altogether another point. This kitchen looks nice, but in fact it is not user friendly at all.

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