popSLATE Turns Back Of Smartphone Into eReader

A new phone case called the popSLATE promises to turn your iPhone5 into an e-ink e-reader that can be read easily even in bright sunshine. 

The inventors of the device say that they were inspired to so claim the “large chunk of highly visible, unclaimed real estate on the phone.”

What they developed was a rugged ultra low-power screen, social image app that allowed you snap and grab images on the front of your phone to display on the back of the phone. Then they realized the could actually have a second screen that was always on.

It could be used for urgent notifications, scores and calendars. The company says it has the strong support of E-Ink, the people behind the Kindle eReader screen and will be using their display technology.

They company launched a highly successful crowd funding campaign and managed to raise $69,000 more than their original $150,000 goal. The case can now be pre-ordered for $129 at popslate.com

This technology could let any phone or tablet double as an E-ink eReader and some have gone as far as declaring it a Kindle killer.  That remains to be seen, but the concept is pretty intriguing.

~ Cynthia

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