Gentlemint: The Manly Alternative To Pinterest

Now the gentleman can get in on social curating with Gentlemint! 

I love that you can check out the curated items already on the site without joining, so you can really get a feel for whether or not the content is for you. Their tagline is that it is “a mint of manly things” and for the most part they definitely cater to it! I love it when a site delivers on a theme.

Despite the focus on men, I found lots of things interesting like the Remaining Daylight Finger Hack, and they have loads of great gift ideas for men! I’ve already gotten quite a few ideas for my dad for Christmas this year and he’s impossible to shop for!

To sign up, click the Join button and then fill out the form with your e-mail address and name, and then click the blue sign me up button to request a beta invitation.  Then once you get your invite, you can start tacking articles, images, and things you like (instead of pinning). 

Looking for gift ideas for the men in your life? Then you definitely want to check out The Reserve, where they feature hand-picked deals that change everyday. You can even get The Reserve delivered to your inbox by typing your e-mail address and clicking the blue Subscribe button.

This is pretty cool, manly alternative to Pinterest. Go check it out today!



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