Removing People From Landscape Photos Without Cloning

Ever try to photograph a scene when there’s a bunch of people hanging around? You can be stuck forever – unless you know THIS cool trick. I’ll show you how to make multiple images of a scene – people included – and then erase them all in Photoshop without ever touching the Clone tool.


You know how it is, you come up to a great historical scene of beautiful landscape, but there’s a bunch of tourists hanging around making it impossible for you to get the shot you want.

Should you wait all afternoon and hope for a break in the action? How about I show you how you can just go ahead and shoot a series of photos and take care of the crowd later?


Since I think it’s better to show you than tell you about, I’ve got a great video posted on my Backcountry Gallery site.  I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process.

Just click this link to view the video! And make sure to check out other great tips at  Backcountry Gallery!

~ Steve

3 thoughts on “Removing People From Landscape Photos Without Cloning

  1. Tip is fine if you have Photoshop which very few do. These kind of tips should be for Photoshop Elements which is much, much more prevalent.

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