Using The Mac OS X Delete Key: It Goes Both Ways

It’s not a secret that Mac and Windows are different. As a long time Windows user who has recently migrated to Mac, I’m discovering it the hard way. I can’t remember when I had to use Google to find out how things work in Windows, but my new MacBook Air makes me do that all the time. Even the simplest things are different on a Mac.

delete key macbook

When I first got my shiny new MacBook Air and started using it, I got very annoyed because the Delete key only worked like the Backspace key on Windows. That was really inconvenient and felt weird. Luckily, I soon found a way to use Mac’s Delete key both ways. Here is how it works:

  • If you want to delete the text in front of the cursor, simply hold down the fn key (Function) and hit the delete key. This will make it work just like the Del key in Windows.
  • You can also press control + d if you’d rather use one hand to delete text in front of the cursor.
  • Want to speed things up? You can delete the entire word in front of the cursor by pressing control + delete or option + delete.
  • And you can delete the entire line if you press down command + delete together.
As you can see, there are lots of ways to delete text using a MacBook keyboard. Keep in mind that some of these combinations won’t work on some MacBook models, but most will. Have fun using your Mac!
~Liz D.

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