Smart Alarm Clocks That Wake You Only After A Sound Sleep

Apps are getting more intelligent by the day. Here are a few apps that do the job of monitoring our sleep patterns, recording our snores (if any) and movements and even lay it out on a graph to show us when we deep sleep and when we don’t. Importantly, they are better than alarm clocks because they wake you up when you are most relaxed and rested – in the lightest sleep phase. It almost feels like you are waking up without an alarm clock. That’s the science behind these mighty useful apps for Android and iOS users.

Sleep As Android

This Android app measures our sleep cycles and wakes us up gently. Pray how? By measuring our sleep, it wakes up after we have had our share of sleep and not when we are in the middle of a deep sleep. Not just that. This app also tracks our sleep and shows graphs of our sleep habits overnight. Which also means that this app also warns us of sleep deficits, catches us snoring, records our sleep talk (if any) and helps us diagnose sleep illnesses we never thought we had, like sleep apnea. And the best part? The app wakes us up gently at the best time to wake up with nature sounds, soothing music, captcha or puzzle alarms, or whatever you choose from the music on your phone or a special playlist to get you started. The first two weeks are free. After that, you will have to buy it for $3 for an unlock code and a few bucks more for other useful in-app purchases.

Sleep Cycle

This iOS app works much like the previous app though it’s priced at $1. But then again, you get more, like motion monitoring. The app uses your iPhone’s accelerometer and monitors your tossing and turning sleepy movements since you keep the phone right next to your pillow.


This Android and iOS app is great at tracking and measuring your sleep patterns over several nights and also records movements like the previous app. It auto-records your snores (if any), sleeptalking and other breathing problems during the night. It even gives out tips to help you sleep better and faster. Clock in and clock out. But the best part? It’s a full-featured app that comes to you for free. 

Sweet dreams!

– Zahid H Javali

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