Help! Permission Denied To Import Outlook Contacts

Eve from Canada writes:

I recently had to have my computer hard drive reformatted and when I got it home and tried to import my contacts (from backup) into MS Outlook, it said “Access denied, I didn’t have permission.”  The tech is on holidays and so now I don’t know how to give myself permission to run my own computer.  I am already listed as Administrator.  Can you help please?

Eve, I may have the solution. If you are attempting to import your contacts from a CD or other removable media you might see this error. Try copying the .pst file saved for your backup onto your computer before attempting to import it. Just right-click the .pst file on you CD or removable drive and select copy, then paste it on the desktop of your computer. Then right-click the pasted .pst file, click properties and uncheck the read-only check box. 

Now go ahead with your import process.

~ Cynthia

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