In The News: 9-27-2013

Kindle App Gets Redesign For iOS 7

 Amazon’s Kindle app is getting a new look to match Apple’s iOS7 upgrade. There’s a new, flatter style to reflect the look of iOS7 buttons and translucent effects.

The free app also promises improvements in stability and performance and easier access to your reading material. You can download the Kindle app for iOS7 from the iTunes Store.

Microsoft Announces Dividends, Share Buy Back Program

Microsoft has announced a quarterly shard dividend of 28 cents per share for stockholders. That’s up 22%fprom the previous quarter. That 3% dividend puts them ahead of their major competitor Apple.

The board of directors also approved a plan to repurchase up to $40 billion dollars in shares back from investors.

Hulu Adds BBC Shows

If you’re a Hulu user who enjoys British TV, I’ve got some bloody brilliant news for you. The video streaming service has struck a deal to air the best of the BBC. Among the shows are Doctor Who (It’s been running for 50 years) and its spinoffs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Also in the mix are Life on Mars, Primeval, Red Dwarf and Robin Hood.

Fan favorites Sherlock and Luther  as well as White Chapel and State of Play are among the dramas. If you think 13-episode seasons are short, wait until you watch some of the BBC’s four episode seasons with a two-year break between series.

Comedies will include classics like Absolutely Fabulous, The Young Ones, Blackadder and Fawlty Towers.  The shows started rolling out on September 18.

 ~ Cynthia

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