Skype Now Lets You Make Group Voice Calls On iPad & iPhone

Good news for Skype users with iPads and iPhones. You can now make group voice calls on Skype with your iOs devices thanks to new update to the mobile Skype app. This change is especially handy for those wanting to take part in conference calls. You can add up to 25 users to a voice call.

Skype voice calls, video calls, instant messaging and file sharing are free when calling other Skype users. You will have to pay to call mobile phones or land lines.  You can either pay 2.3 cents a minute for Skype credit or get a subscription.  Unlimited voice calling the US and Canda runs $2.99 per month. Unlimited North American calling costs $7.99 per month and Unlimited World calling will run you $13.00 per month.

 Microsoft wants to transition into a devices and services company and they are pushing hard to integrate Skype into people’s daily lives. They replaced Messenger with Skype Messenger and Skype is an important feature in the new Xbox One.

Microsoft has also stressed Skype’s value as an educational tool, encouraging teachers around the world to use it for classroom activities.

Mobile Skype can be a great tool for far-flung families to keep in touch. A friend of mine was able to attend her son’s wedding via Skype on her iPad. Her sister-in-law held the iPad up in the front row and she was able to see her son and his bride and they were able to see her face smiling back at them.

You can download Skype for iOS free by clicking here.

~ Cynthia

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