Can I Get My Old Windows E-mail Account Back?

Ken from Tacoma writes:

I am not very impressed with my Email account with,  how do I get back  my old Windows mail account without changing my Email name ( Travelair )?

Ken, unless you deleted your old Windows mail address, (I assume by Windows mail you had a Live Mail or Hot Mail Address) you should be able to go to and just log in with your old username and password. All Microsoft e-mail accounts were switched over to  Your address would still be the same as it was.

If you deleted the account, you can open a new account, but I can’t guarantee you can get Travelair as your e-mail address. (someone else might have claimed it) But you can have it as a username if you like, no matter what variation of Travelair you might have to select as an e-mail address.

To check if your old account is still active, just go to and see if you can log in.

If you’d like to create a new account, check out this article for a step-by-step guide.

Now, you cannot keep a Comcast e-mail address if you don’t have a Comcast account. (example: But you could choose to have e-mail from that address forwarded to your account.  You will find that option under preferences in your Comcast account.

You will only be able to maintain a Comcast e-mail address as long as Comcast is your Internet Service Provider. It’s a good idea to keep your e-mail account with a service like Outlook or Gmail instead of with your Internet Service provider. This article explains why in greater detail.

Good luck!

~ Cynthia

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