World’s Largest Cave

I know I’ve shared Bored Panda with you previously as a whole, but recently they published this article on the World’s Largest Cave that was recently discovered in Son Doong, Vietnam. The photo set comes from the National Geographic site and is properly credited (in my opinion) at the bottom of the article. I went and looked at what National Geographic’s layout looked like, and I just found the images far more impressive the way they were laid out on Bored Panda so that’s why I decided to share them from there. 

These photos are breathtaking. I literally caught my breath in awe when I first saw them. And I’ve been waiting with great anticipation to share them with you. 

Navigation is easy, just scroll down the page. The pictures have captions beneath them. If you’d rather view it as a slideshow, click on the first image and then use the right and left arrows to click through all thirteen images. However, if you decided to go the slideshow route there are no captions for the images. You can click See Full Article beneath the photos on the slideshow to navigate back to the main article. 

You definitely want to read the introduction paragraph if you want all the details about this natural wonder. It has all the vital statistics you might need, and explains how it was discovered. Go check it out for yourself!


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