How Do I Close Apps in iOS 7?

Anne writes:

Just upgraded to iOS 7. How do I close my apps? Previously double clicked homage button and closed them out like that. Now when you double click the home button, it brings up everything you opened and there is no way to close them out. Do they just continue running in background?

Anne, it really isn’t too different with the update. First, double-press the home button. Your apps will open on the screen as windows.

In order to completely close them, you swipe up on the icon for the app, dragging it towards them to the top of the screen. When it disappears, the app is closed.

~ Kristi

0 thoughts on “How Do I Close Apps in iOS 7?

  1. The question was a good one but wasn’t completely answered. Do the apps continue running in the background is a question I would have liked answered as well. I never knew to do as you’ve instructed which prompted me to close out a bunch. But thanks for the posted question and reply. I learned something!!

  2. I was asking all my friends that question so was thrilled to see the answer in Tech Tips.

    Thank you for the tip.

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